“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” ????⛄

Well not quite yet but it is only 45 days till the 25th of December!

Premium Rum Collection calendar

I’ve always had an advent calendar. It’s a fun way to count down towards Christmas day. Some people may think that they are only for children but not the team over at Drinks by the Dram!

One of the positives about being an adult is that you are allowed to do things you couldn’t do as a child such as drink booze! So combining festive tradition with grown up libations Drinks by the Dram have put out a fantastic line-up of calendars and festive collection series! Catering to most tastes you can find a selection of calendars/collections covering whisky, gin, rum and vodka!

These are perfect if you want to get a boozy gift for someone but are unsure what exactly they like within their spirit category of choice, these are a fantastic option as they let someone try a wide variety of offerings!

I will be delving further into the contents of this box over the coming days but for now please check out https://drinksbythedram.com/, there you can view all their offerings in the various spirit types!